Runner’s up for Book of the Year 2008

Getting beyond the wow factor of technological advancements can be hard at times. After all, today my phone has more memory, speed, and graphic computing power than my first computer ever dreamed of. But the real issue for all of us is how we are going to leverage the opportunities created by technology in order to exercise leadership influence? How do we participate in the social-networking and web-based explosion of the likes of Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, or blogging phenomenon.

Tribes is about that kind of leverage. In fact, in the surprise I didn’t expect, Godin’s book offers powerful principles for effective leadership in an information age. I an such a fan o the book that I have been highly recommending it to our staff. Every leader of the day faces the challenge of getting beyond the surface and superficial use of technology and informational systems and getting to the real issue: leadership. Here is a book to help you do just that.

Tribes invites all of us into a fresh look at the opportunities and necessities of leadership in the environmentof our day.

The second book in my Runner’s Up category is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero.  I have written on this in an earlier entry that you can read.  But, as I look back on the year, I realize that I am continually having conversations that link back to EHS and to the journey that book sent me on.

One component of the book I have thought a great deal about lately is the way Scazzero addresses the need we all have to grieve our limits and our losses.  We all have God-given limits and our ability to discover genuine emotionally healthy spirituality is connected to how well we learn to deal with loss and with our limits.

I don’t know about you, but I have found that my emotional well-being and my spiritual well-being are inseparably intertwined. Here is a tool to guide the integration of my (and I hope, your) journey.


3 thoughts on “Runner’s up for Book of the Year 2008”

  1. Gary-

    Agreed, EHS was high on my list last year. I would also say that Primal Leadership by Daniel Goldman was excellent. It was not released last year but I read it last year. His integration of Emotional Intelligence towards team dynamics was and is fascinating. I’m using both these books as foundations for my Masters thesis paper.


  2. I think the book that has hammered me the hardest this past year is “Tender Warrior” – Stu Weber… Yeah, I read it when I was first married…. now we have a baby at age 43 and I really needed to relearn to lead in my house.

  3. Jeff, Great reminder about Tender Warrior. Absolutely huge contribution to what it means to be a man, a leader, a husband. Thanks

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