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My Writing Process

I had a breakthrough experience back in January. I was on a two week writing-solitude retreat, when I woke up one morning with crystal-clear insight regarding when, how, and why I get stuck when I am writing. It came in the form of the process I personally need to follow. I can’t say that these thoughts are rocket-science and I can’t claim that this is how everyone should do things. I just know that there is a sequence I need to follow and when I don’t I get jammed up–even when I am onto something that excites me.

So, in that spirit, here is my NOTE TO SELF:

Whether I’m writing a blog post, an article, a book, or sermon… these are the steps I must follow!
writing process


IF I AM STUCK, it is likely for one of three reasons.

#1 I am trying to write before doing the work of steps 2 & 3!

(It is classic for me to be inspired by the idea and then start writing without a roadmap—bad idea.)

#2 I am trying to edit as I write.

(Yeah, I know this is a classic mistake. But I am a master at it.)

#3 I lost my bearings because I have just been working on the micro level of words too long and need to regain some altitude and get back up to big idea level.


Step away from the computer before someone gets hurt!

Creativity and macro-level thinking happen best for me away from the computer. With pen and paper, brainstorming with post-it notes, etc.  Something about the little box of a screen kills my creative thought process.

Don’t know if this is helpful to you, but it has been huge for me. If you communicate with words very often, I dare you to figure out what your personal creative process looks like.

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  1. I am using this with my English Language Learner students in high school. I am crediting you, of course. Thank you for sharing!

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