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Self-Care is not Selfish

Gary Mayes —  June 21, 2009 — 2 Comments

It was early Friday morning and I really wanted to get out for a bike ride. I needed the exercise, I knew the outdoors and sweat would do me good, but I had a long list of projects that needed to be completed. Then it hit me. Self-Care will always feel self-serving.

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I have a theory: courage is the sinew that connects our thinking to our behavior. It’s not good intentions that get things done, it is courage. We can talk the right talk, we can understand key ideas, and we can have all manner of good ideas, but without courage we won’t act on them.

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Endurance and Success

Gary Mayes —  February 28, 2008 — Leave a comment

Good leaders with good ideas and good plans still fail on a regular basis…and, as often as not, the reason a new project or initiative fails is nothing less than a lack of endurance.

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